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Valorant Streamers Criticize Riot Over Stream Sniping Concerns

Valorant Streamers Criticize Riot Over Stream Sniping Concerns
Written by: ASH

Valorant streamers are raising alarms over a tracker app that renders streamer mode ineffective. Riot Games developed streamer mode in Valorant to shield players from stream sniping. This feature hides players' real names, substituting them with "player" until they select an agent, then using the agent's name instead.


Despite these measures, some players reportedly bypass this protection using a tracker app. Streamers report ongoing disruptions in their games despite having streamer mode activated. L21saac, a streamer, highlighted an incident where a teammate referred to him by his real name, despite it being hidden.



He criticized Riot, claiming that the tracker app undermines the game's playability for streamers by linking to their Twitch accounts. 


The controversial app is readily available and differs from others like Valorant Tracker, which only provides statistical data on team members, not their usernames.


Currently, there seems to be no solution to this issue, other than streamers possibly increasing their streaming delay. The situation continues to pose a significant challenge for content creators in Valorant.

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