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FNS Criticizes Riot Over Valorant Broadcast Disrespect and Fines

FNS Criticizes Riot Over Valorant Broadcast Disrespect and Fines
Written by: ASH

Valorant pro Pujan 'FNS' Mehta has publicly criticized Riot Games for what he perceives as a double standard in their handling of professional players' behavior during broadcasts. According to FNS, the production team often engages in mocking players by highlighting unflattering statistics or past game performances while simultaneously penalizing players for similar behaviors, like trash-talking or jesting gestures during matches.


In a recent stream (thanks Dexerto), FNS expressed his frustration over an incident where Riot's production team used his past match statistics to mock him during a broadcast. This, he argues, is hypocritical since players are fined for any behaviors deemed disrespectful or unsportsmanlike, such as teabagging or explicit gestures.




The issue centers on how Riot seems to encourage certain types of engagement from the audience by highlighting these moments, yet holds players to a strict standard that discourages them from participating in similar types of interactions. Many in the Valorant community have echoed FNS's sentiments, arguing that the current approach may unfairly restrict players while still exploiting their actions for entertainment value.


FNS suggests a more consistent approach would be beneficial, where the line between what is considered entertaining and disrespectful is clearly defined and applied equally to both players and production staff.

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