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Riot Games Rescheduled Matches for VCT 2024 Masters Shanghai

Riot Games Rescheduled Matches for VCT 2024 Masters Shanghai
Written by: ASH

Riot Games has announced a rescheduling of matches for the VCT 2024 Masters Shanghai. The anticipated opening clash between Team Heretics and Dragon Ranger Gaming is now set for the second day, due to possible delays in Team Heretics’ arrival in China. Riot Games aims for a smooth start, ensuring all teams participate fairly.


Nicki Tan, the tournament director, emphasized the priority on teams' well-being and preparedness. This decision, though disappointing for some fans, ensures that Team Heretics can fully participate. The overall schedule remains intact, and Riot assured that the tournament experience will be high-quality.



The match between FUT Esports and FunPlus Phoenix, originally on the second day, will now be on the first day. Riot Games’ priority is to maintain a fair and high-quality event for all teams and fans. The VCT 2024 Masters Shanghai will run from May 23 to June 9, featuring 12 teams and a $1 million prize pool. The tournament includes a group stage, playoffs, and a grand final.


Fans can still look forward to an exciting event, despite the schedule change. The rescheduling ensures that all teams can compete at their best, maintaining the integrity of the competition.

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