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Riot Games Teases Valorant Replay System but It's Not Ready Yet

Riot Games Teases Valorant Replay System but It's Not Ready Yet
Written by: ASH

Riot Games has finally provided a first look at the highly anticipated replay system for Valorant. This development comes after months of player requests for such a feature, similar to the one in Counter-Strike. However, the developers have made it clear that the replay system is still far from being ready for release.


In a recent developer update, Valorant's Tech Lead, Marcus Reid, demonstrated an early version of the replay system. The prototype includes basic features like a free camera, player point-of-view, and simple recording controls such as pause and play. Despite this progress, Reid emphasized that the system is in a very early stage and not yet ready for live matches.



The challenge lies in integrating the replay system into Valorant's architecture, which was initially designed to optimize performance and online play integrity. Reid explained that replays introduce new requirements, like pausing time or viewing specific rounds, which the current system did not account for. Issues such as visual and audio effects, as well as map and ability functionalities, need extensive work to function correctly in replays.


The development team has not provided a timeline for when players can expect the replay system to be available. They are committed to taking the necessary time to ensure the feature is polished and reliable before its official release.

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