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Ascension Americas 2024

Ascension Americas 2024
Written by: Hero

Across the Americas, excitement is reaching a fever pitch as the VALORANT Challengers League playoffs gear up teams for the ultimate showdown of the year - VCT Ascension Americas. Six teams will enter, but only one will emerge victorious, securing the coveted promotion to VCT Americas.


Monterrey, México, will be the thrilling stage for this year’s Ascension Americas tournament, where passionate fans are invited to cheer on their favorite teams. This event represents the pinnacle of the year for Challenger players, promising intense competition and unforgettable moments.


The tournament kicks off with the group stage from September 10-15, with a single round robin Bo3 group setting the stage for high-stakes battles. From September 18-20, the four remaining teams will fiercely compete for a spot in the Grand Finals with a double elimination bracket. The Grand Finals will take place on September 21, where the ultimate champion will earn a ticket to Los Angeles for the 2025 VCT Americas season. Get ready for a spectacular display of skill and determination!



If you’re planning to be in Monterrey to witness the playoffs and Grand Finals, tickets will be available at a future date. Keep an eye on VCT Americas social media channels for more details.





Six teams from the Americas' three regions will qualify for the VCT Ascension Americas tournament: two from North America, two from Latin America, and two from Brazil. These representatives are chosen from their region’s respective Challengers League.


The six teams will be placed in a group stage where they will play against all of each other in a single round robin Bo3. The top four teams will advance to the playoffs and two teams will be eliminated.


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The four teams that advance into the playoffs will compete in a double elimination bracket, matches will be Bo3 but the Lower Finals and Grand Finals will be Bo5. The Grand Finals will determine the team that will join VCT Americas next year.


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The English broadcast for VCT Ascension Americas will be streamed by our VALORANT Challengers NA partner, Knights Arena. Tune in at:


For the Portuguese broadcast, tune in at:


For the Spanish broadcast, tune in at:

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