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Blast Valorant Spike Nations Schedule revealed

Blast Valorant Spike Nations Schedule revealed
Image Credit: Blast Valorant
Written by: carrico14

The tournament schedule for Blast Valorant Spike Nations 2 that starts tomorrow at 11 AM CEST was finally released.



The match of Group 1 between Turkey and the CIS will open the first day of the tournament with the last game of the first day being scheduled to 21 PM and being the Group 2 elimination game.


This tournament promises to be a great one not only is it for a good cause with all the prize money going for charity but there is also the region's pride on the line, all the teams are composed of great lineups so we can expect great matches throughout the whole event and many highlight moments, and so far this is as close as a Valorant European cup as we got.


If you are a fan of competitive Valorant you shouldn't miss this tournament.


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