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G2, Team Liquid to face off in EMEA LCQ upper bracket final

G2, Team Liquid to face off in EMEA LCQ upper bracket final
Image Credit: G2 Esports
Written by: ar1essss

G2 Esports and Team Liquid are through to the EMEA LCQ upper bracket final after winning their playoff matches against Futbolist and Guild.


G2 Esports vs. Futbolist


Futbolist confidently won opponent's pick, Icebox. Turkish duo, Sterben on Viper and qw1 on Jett, just crushed G2 Esports with 190 ADR. And even despite the cool play from nukkye on Raze, G2 lost their map.



The second map turned out to be one of the most dramatic in the history of Valorant. G2 Esports lead after first half 9:3, but Futbolist managed to close the gap, and the game went to overtimes. There teams during 16 rounds, teams could not determine the strongest. Interesting facts: almost rounds teams won on defense. In result, in 41st round G2 Esports won in attack, and in the next round made the retake, won Breeze 22:20.



The Turks simply did not have enough strength for the third map. They lost to Ascent 2:13 and went to the lower bracket.


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Guild Esports vs. Team Liquid


Team Liquid crushed Guild Esports on Bind, 13:6. Swedes played bad individually, only two players had more than 10 kills. In Team Liquid, ScreaM again showed insane performance on Jett.


Guild started Split 5:2, but after this L1NK's spray, Team Liquid ended the half 7:5 in their favor.



On defense, Guild managed to win only 3 rounds, lost six and ended the match 0:2.



G2 Esports will meet with Team Liquid in upper-bracket final of EMEA LCQ. Guild will play in lower bracket against Oxygen, Futbolist - against SuperMassive Blaze.

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