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Acend top Group A; LDN UTD eliminated from LVP - Rising Series - Finale

Acend top Group A; LDN UTD eliminated from LVP - Rising Series - Finale
Image Credit: Acend
Written by: ar1essss

Acend have nailed down the top spot in Group A after defeating UCAM Esports Club.


Acend vs. UCAM Esports Club


The first match of the second game day ended before it started. UCAM Esports Club, who sensationally won against Giants Gaming yesterday, couldn't continue their tale. Acend crushed them twice 13:5, in Fracture and Icebox. As always, cNed led their team to the victory on Jett, made 7 first kills for two maps. Acend secured the 1st place in group A, and will be waiting their opponent in semi-finals.




Giants Gaming vs. LDN UTD


In the elimination match, two good teams met, Giants Gaming and LDN UTD. Lithuanian team crushed Giants Gaming in the first map, Haven, 13:5.



LDN UTD started 4:0 in the second map. But starting with the round in which Fit1nho made a quad-kill, the Giants Gaming have won six more rounds in a row, winning the first half 7:5. Then the teams exchanged a series of rounds, which led to a 13:10 score in favor of Giants Gaming.



The culmination of the evening was the third map of this match, Icebox. LDN UTD started better again, Giants Gaming caught up with them. In the second half, the Lithuanians started winning rounds again and took the lead 11:8. But Giants Gaming didn't give up, won six rounds in a row, took the decisive map 13:11.


LDN UTD left the tournament in 5th-8th place and earned €1,000. UCAM Esports Club will play against Giants Gaming for the second slot in the playoffs.


Oct 26 at 8:30 PM
Great comeback by Giants!!
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