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Gambit beat SuperMassive Blaze to win EMEA Playoffs final

Gambit beat SuperMassive Blaze to win EMEA Playoffs final
Written by: ar1essss

In the final match of VCT 2021: Stage 3 Masters - Berlin, Gambit Esports took victory over SuperMassive Blaze 3:1 to become the champions.


The first map of this ending will be a long dream for the players of Gambit Sports in their nightmares. Turkish grand SuperMassive Blaze simply destroyed the opponent, winning the first half 12:0, and finishing off the opponent 13:1. But such a bitter defeat only angered Gambit, who returned with renewed vigor to the second map. They managed to win Split 13:11, equalizing the score in the match.


The third card was Bind, which is Gambit's best map. This match was no exception, the CIS team managed to defeat the opponent 13:5 and for the first time in this final took the lead.


Gambit decided not to delay this match and killed the intrigue by defeating SuperMassive Blaze on the fourth map 13:3, becoming VCT Stage 3: EMEA Challengers Playoffs champions.


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