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EPIC34: bmagic Interview (DAY 2)

EPIC34: bmagic Interview (DAY 2)
Written by: BigTime


The first question I wanted to ask is, what’s it like being back at LAN?

It’s fantastic, I’ve really missed it. This will probably be the 25th Lan, 30th LAN I’ve been to, I’ve lost count. It’s still exciting every time especially after it being gone for a couple of years.

You say you’ve been to so many LAN’s, how does that LAN experience help you guys? There’s a lot of people here who it’s their first LAN, a lot of teams you’ve been playing too

Yeah big time especially VALORANT, it’s a pretty young demographic right. So the fact that me and most of the team have all got probably 10 plus LAN’s minimum under their belt, it definitely helps with the pressure and it’s kind of like a second home for us really. So yeah it helps big time in those pressure games and means that you don’t have those nerves for the first few rounds each day.

So you guys came in yesterday seeded 8th I think it was?


How did you guys feel about that? Because you’ve way outperformed it?

Yeah look, I don’t know how the seeding is done, whether they were done on like in-game rank or VLR ranks I’m not sure, obviously don’t expect the admins to know. Obviously, we were probably slightly under-seeded in our view but when there’s just 2 groups it doesn’t really matter. We’ll just play who we have to play and pinch their seeding.

It’s been a joy to watch you guys play. I caught a little bit of your game yesterday against TENSTAR Titan, the 13-1 win on Haven, and I also saw the Yoru pick. How does that come about because you guys seem to be the only ones playing it on that map?

Yeah he’s probably a little underrated, but we’ve gone through so many different compositions on Haven mostly because we couldn’t figure out how to play defence. So we lent into a couple of specific things the Yoru could do with early rotation and the pop flashes at A long and we decided to build the rest of the attack around having those agents. I think it really helps that because nobody plays him, nobody is really ready for some of the stuff he can do so there’s definitely a “catch you off guard” element as to why it can work.


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