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İstanbul Wildcats release most of their female Valorant Roster

İstanbul Wildcats release most of their female Valorant Roster
Image Credit: İstanbul Wildcats
Written by: carrico14

Four players from the Turkish team announced today on Twitter they were free agents and were looking for a new team.


After just a little more than two months and only ten games played in tournaments as a team, the organization and players, KLONEIA, mainselin, ayka, and Mercy, parted ways.



The team didn't have the best results in the last tournament attended, falling to reach the top 16 at the VCT Game Changers EMEA Series 2 where they went 3-3 in the swiss stage finishing in the 28th place of 55 teams.


Despite that, this news is still surprising, the team was together for a very short period of time and only attended one tournament, they showed they had potential but they didn't get the time to prove it.


The players are now looking for a new team, and we wish them the best o luck.


As for the organization, they already participated in the ESA Open Fire Rebels placing last of their group with the new roster, although we still don't know if the four new players are still on trial or are already part of the organization long term plan, they lost 2-0 to Oxxygen Esports, currently the best female team in the region, and 2-0 to Valstars Gaming Female.


It will be interesting to see what the future holds for the İstanbul Wildcats Female Valorant roster. 


İstanbul Wildcats Female roster is now the following:


tr Flag OrnanHae

tr Flag Piuv

tr Flag ladyT

tr Flag takobonita

tr Flag Eospoine


tr Flag 4number4 (Choach)




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