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Keyd Stars Win Brazilian VCT Challengers and punch their ticket to Masters Berlin.

Keyd Stars Win Brazilian VCT Challengers and punch their ticket to Masters Berlin.
Written by: carrico14

Despite the bad start to the tournament for Keyd Stars, losing their quarterfinals match 2-0 against Sharks, one of the favorites teams in the tournament, and dropping to the lower bracket, the team was able to mount a miracle run in the lower bracket, winning 4 straight do or die series, beating  GameLanders Blue, getting their revenge against Sharks and knocking them out of the tournament, beating former VCT Brazilian champions Team Vikings and also ending their dreams of getting to Berlin, finally, they defeated Furia Esports in the lower bracket final to set up a finals match with Havan Liberty.


Havan Liberty went into the finals as the heavy on favorites as the team hadn't dropped a map in the entire tournament.



Heading into the finals Keyd Stars was looked upon as the David that was going to face Golias.

Despite their great run in the lower bracket facing four eliminations series and being able to win them all, guarantying their spot in the Berlin Master which was the organization primary goal, most of the fans and analysts predicted an easy win for Havan Liberty and no one can blame them, Havan Liberty had been dominant all the tournament not dropping a map and looking like the best team in the region and it wasn´t even close.

However, the unthinkable happened, Keyd Stars did to Havan Liberty what most of the people were expecting Havan to do to them, they 3-0 the super favorites winning 13-11 on Split, 16-14 on Blind, and 14-12 on Icebox, ending their fairy tale run as the Brazilian VCT Challengers Champions and taking with them a prize of 11,083$.



The rights of the pictures used in this article belong to Vivo Keyd and Valorant Brazil.

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