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Plant The Spike Episode 3

Plant The Spike Episode 3
Image Credit: Absolute Legends
Written by: carrico14

The new episode of your weekly Valorant podcast about all the news of the competitive scene is already out.


On this new episode of Plant The Spike your hosts, Absolute Legends writer Carriço, analyst Big Time, and the owner of Heet Gaming Timmy, will talk about the Red Bul Home Ground 2, doing a recap of the tournament.


The hosts also analyze the performances of Fnatic, Team Liquid, Acend, and Gambit and discuss the impact the results of the tournament can have on the four teams, and if what they saw from the team's performances at Red Bull Home Ground 2 changes their opinion on how far they can go at Valorant Champions.


The team also talks about the major roster changes that happened this week, and what others can happen in the future, specifically G2 Esports and what will the organization do after two disappointing tournament runs.


As always the hosts will also discuss the female scene, talking about why so many female teams are disbanding/organizations ceasing operations, and what are some of the ways Riot can help to solve this problem and solidify the female scene even more.


These are just some of the topics covered on the podcast, if you want to hear about the rest you can check the podcast on Spotify.


If you are a lover of Valorant and the Valorant professional scene you will for sure love the podcast, as it touches the topics from various points of view, the fan pov, the owner and organization pov, and the analyst pov.



Nov 15 at 6:34 PM
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