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How to find the perfect sensitivity in Valorant

How to find the perfect sensitivity in Valorant
Image Credit: Riot Games
Written by: carrico14

Finding the perfect sensitivity for you is one of the most important things in Valorant.


Like in any FPS finding the perfect sensitivity is vital, sensitivity plays a big role in the game, and finding the one that suits you is crucial if you want to improve your aim.


You have to find one that isn’t too slow but also not too fast. It has to be perfect for you, which means it can be a little difficult, in the beginning, to find the best one for you.


One of the ways to find it is going into the training range and there place your crosshair in the head of one of the bots, then walking around while always maintaining your crosshair in the head, this way you will get an idea if you need to decrease your sense, if you fill you cant keep the crosshair in the headshot position because its to fast, or the other way around.




Another way is using sites like Aim Lab, Aiming.Pro among others, these sites have specific exercises that will help you find the best sensitivity for you, with the best exercises for that being the tracking exercises.


There are also plenty of guides and YouTube videos with different ways for you to find the sensitivity that fits you the best, and once you find it - stick with it!


Don't change it after one bad game or a tough week, it will take time for your muscle memory to get used to that sensitivity and for you to feel comfortable with it. But once you do you will see that it has a huge impact on your overall gameplay. So, again, don't change your sensitivity all the time. Just find a good one for you and stick to it! Only then can you start to work on improving the other aspects of your aim.


I hope this guide helped you guys find the best sensitivity for you, leave a comment below if it did, and stay tuned for more articles about ways to improve your game.

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