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VALORANT Champions groups revealed

VALORANT Champions groups revealed
Image Credit: Riot Games
Written by: ar1essss

The groups for VALORANT Champions have been announced.



16 teams were divided into 4 groups with 4 teams.

Group A:

eu Flag Acend
us Flag Envy
th Flag X10 Esports
br Flag Keyd Stars

Group B:


us Flag Sentinels
eu Flag Team Liquid
ar Flag KRU Esports
br Flag FURIA Esports

Group C:

ru Flag Gambit Esports
br Flag Team Vikings
ph Flag Team Secret
jp Flag Crazy Racoon

Group D:


kr Flag Vision Strikers
eu Flag Fnatic
us Flag Cloud9 Blue


The total prize pool of VALORANT Champions is $1,000,000:


1. $350,000
2. $150,000
3-4. $90,000 (each)
5-8. $40,000 (each)
9-16. $20,000 (each)


The schedule of the tournament was also published:




VALORANT Champions will take place from 1st until 12th December. It is clear from the schedule that the format of the main tournament of the year is the same as at the last Masters: 4 groups of four teams in a double-elimination format, top 2 teams advance to the Playoffs. Playoffs with single-elimination bracket, all matches are bo3, grand-final is bo5.

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