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UCAM Esports Club win ICEBOX Northern Classic

UCAM Esports Club win ICEBOX Northern Classic
Image Credit: ICEBOX
Written by: ar1essss

UCAM Esports Club won against KOVA in the grand-final of ICEBOX Northern Classic.




ICEBOX Northern Classic is the tournament for teams from the United Kingdom, Nordic countries and Ireland. 8 teams were divided into two groups of 4 teams, two best advance to the playoffs. From Group A, AXYBITE Esports and Rix.GG Thunder reached the playoffs, from Group B - KOVA and UCAM Esports Club.


The format of playoffs was double-elimination bracket. UCAM Esports Club  managed to secure the spot in the grand-final, beat AXYBITE Esports and KOVA. The latter defeated Rix.GG Thunder twice, and also reached the final.


Since UCAM Esports Club  reached the final first, they started it with a one-map advantage. Despite the fact that KOVA confidently won the first half at Haven 9:3, UCAM Esports Club  managed to close the gap, but did not win the first map, 11:13. A similar one was repeated on the next map. KOVA again dominated the first half, even leading 11:8, but on the second try UCAM Esports Club managed to snatch the victory, 13:11. The third map is a formality. UCAM Esports Club defeated the opponent 13:6, and became the champion of ICEBOX Northern Classic.


For the 1st place at ICEBOX Northern Classic, UCAM Esports Club receive £7,000.

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