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Plant The Spike Episode 5

Plant The Spike Episode 5
Image Credit: Absolute Legends
Written by: carrico14

The new episode of your weekly Valorant podcast about all the news of the competitive scene is already out, with a spicy Valorant Champions tier list.


On this new episode of Plant The Spike your hosts, Absolute Legends writer Carriço, analyst Big Time, and the owner of Heet Gaming Timmy, will talk about the most relevant news of the last week of the Valorant competitive scene.


The hosts will talk about the upcoming Valorant Champions, discussing the tournament format.


The trio will also do their Valorant Champions tier list, analyzing the teams from their playstyle to their form in recent months, with some hot takes being made by the hosts.


As the last topic of the program, they will do their predictions for the group stage of Valorant Champions.


If you want to know why Sentinels is not an S-tier team you can ear the podcasts on Spotify and watch the video on Twitch.


Stay tuned on our Twitter to know when we go live each week so you can interact with us and share your opinion.

Nov 29 at 4:30 PM
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