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VALORANT Champions Day 4 Recap

VALORANT Champions Day 4 Recap
Image Credit: Riot Games
Written by: ar1essss

The fourth day of VALORANT Champions came out very spontaneous, unexpected and bright.


Let me remind you that a few hours before the start of the game day it became known that there would be no Group A match, so only two matches were played today.


Gambit came back from 6:12 on decisive map


The first match between Gambit and Team Vikings started from Split. There the Brazilian team had a good start, won the first four rounds. But after timeout, Gambit woke up and managed to win the first half 7:5.



In defense, the CIS giant looked more solid than their opponent, won Split 13:6.




The second map came out completely the other way around. Already the Brazilians simply destroyed their rival at Bind, winning the second map 13:5.





The third map came out just fabulous. Team Vikings again crushed their opponent during all Icebox, but Gambit had another plan.



They closed the gap from the score 6:12, and managed to win two rounds on overtimes. 14:12 in favor of Gambit, an offensive defeat for the Brazilians, and the team from Russia goes to the playoffs after Fnatic.




Team Liquid vs. Sentinels


In the second match, two grands met - Team Liquid and Sentinels. Both teams exchanged good sides for Breeze.


First, the Sentinels won 8:4, and then the Europeans responded in the second half. Moreover, they were leading at 12:10, but an incredible 1vs3 clutch by zombs thwarted their plans.



Still, Team Liquid managed to win the first map thanks to Link's 1v2 clutch.




On the second map, it was as if only one team was playing - Sentinels. The Americans simply and easily managed to win their pick, Bind, 13:2.




In the first half of the third map, the initiative was constantly changing hands. Either Liquid will win two rounds in a row, then Sentinels, in the end the half ended 6:6.


The same trend continued in the second half. This continued until the Sentinels' 8:10 score, when Team Liquid showed a brilliant attack on Split, winning five rounds in a row and ending the map at 13:10.




Tomorrow will be three matches, after which three teams will be eliminated from VALORANT Champions.

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