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T1 anounce steel as their new in-game leader

T1 anounce steel as their new in-game leader
Image Credit: T1
Written by: carrico14

The legendary organization announced on Twitter the arrival of veteran in-game leader steel to their Valorant squad.


After 100 Thieves announced yesterday that steel was leaving the organization, it didn't take much time for the player to find a new home.


In the past couple of weeks, the rumors about the possibility of steel going to T1 only increased, and just one day after leaving 100 Thieves the experient in-game leader has already found a new home.



This comes as the first change of possibly many for the T1 Valorant roster as it's rumored they are looking to rebuild in order to become one of the top teams in the North American region.


With this acquisition, T1 gain a veteran in-game leader that has experience at the highest level, and a player that overall showed good performances throughout 2021.


It's going to be interesting to see which players will T1 surround steel with and if the organization can finally achieve the success they were wishing for in the North American scene, and also internationally.


T1 roster is now the following:


ca Flag Joshua "steel" Nissan

us Flag Tyler "Skadoodle" Latham

us Flag Timothy "autimatic" Ta

us Flag Rahul "curry" Nemani

us Flag Anthony "dawn" Hagopian

us Flag Zander "thwifo" Kim




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