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VALORANT Patch Notes 4.05 - Full List

VALORANT Patch Notes 4.05 - Full List
Image Credit: Riot Games
Written by: ar1essss

Riot Games released the info about patch 4.05 in VALORANT, which will come to the game this week.



Agent Updates




  • Stim Beacon
  • Charges reduced 2 > 1
  • Cost increased 100 > 200



Game System Update


  • Added the ability to import and export different crosshair settings via auto-generated codes.


  • To export and share your personal crosshair settings, go to Settings >> Crosshair tab >> click on the icon that looks like an arrow pointing up, found next to Crosshair Profile (it looks like an up arrow chilling in the middle of a bowl). Your auto-generated code will be copied to your clipboard.


  • To import crosshair settings, go to Settings >> Crosshair tab >> click on the icon that looks like an arrow pointing down next to Crosshair Profile. Input or paste the code in the provided field and click the “Import” button.


  • The crosshair preview at the top of the Settings Menu should reflect the imported settings. Make sure to give it a unique profile name!


Updated “Prioritize Strongest Weapon” setting


  • Reworked 'Prioritize Strongest Weapon' setting


  • Renamed setting to Auto-Equip Prioritizes: Most Recent | Strongest


  • Updated the priority system to support weapon-like abilities (previous priority: Primary > Secondary > Melee)


  • New priority: (Ultimate & Primary) > (Secondary & Chamber Pistol) > Melee


  • Resolve priority ties by selecting the more recently equipped weapon



Competitive Updates


  • Deterministic Map System enabled for all regions






  • Fixed a bug that was causing the Leave Match button to function incorrectly for PBE players



  • Fixed issue where Sova’s Recon Bolt was destroyed by Brimstone’s Orbital Strike even if the Recon Bolt was well out of the area



  • Fixed a bug where the mic icon on the scoreboard could not be interacted with after hovering over it with the mouse
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