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Squirtle Squad triumph at Pittsburgh Knights Monthly Gauntlet - August

Squirtle Squad triumph at Pittsburgh Knights Monthly Gauntlet - August
Image Credit: KnightsGG
Written by: ar1essss
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Squirtle Squad won against Complexity 2:0 in the grand-final of Pittsburgh Knights Monthly Gauntlet - August. On the way to the final, Squirtle Squad won against Teal Seam (2:0), DIVIZE (2:0) and Pittsburgh Knights (2:1). Complexity became their rival in the final. Those in turn, on the way to the final, beat Chobome Esports (2:0), Time Out (2:0) and The Mafia (2:1).


Map one was set to be Icebox, where Complexity won two first rounds. But then Squirtle Squad manage to crush the opponent, leading 9:3 after the first half. It was not difficult for Squirtle Squad to complete the map in their favor, they won Icebox 13:6.

Squirtle Squad continued to dominate on Ascent, winning the first half 8:4. But this time Complexity managed to close the gap, and had the chance to win the map. But they did not take advantage of it, losing the second map 11:13 and, in fact, this final.

For the victory in Pittsburgh Knights Monthly Gauntlet - August, Squirtle Squad receive $3,000, Complexity - $1500.

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