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FENNEL release Valorant Roster

FENNEL release Valorant Roster
Image Credit: FENNEL
Written by: carrico14

FENNEL announced yesterday the release of their full Valorant roster.



The organization thanked all the players in a Twitter post and wished them the best in their future. 


In 2021, the team was able to find some good results, with the highlight being a top-four finish in the VCT Stage 3 Playoffs.


However, this year hasn't been the best for the organization, with the team failing to make the playoffs of the Japan VCT Stage 1, and not even making it out of the open qualifier for Stage 2. 


After these results, FENNEL decided it was time for a change and released the entire roster, despite three of the players having only joined the team last month. 


The organization will now work on rebuilding their Valorant division and added that the fans should stay tuned for more information on the upcoming roster. 


As for the former FENNEL players, they are now free agents and are looking for a new team they can call home to. 

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