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VALORANT Abyssal Skins Bundle: Skins, Release Date, Price

VALORANT Abyssal Skins Bundle: Skins, Release Date, Price
Image Credit: Riot Games
Written by: ar1essss

Two weeks after the release of Soulstrife, Riot Games has presented us with a new set of skins for VALORANT.




Weapon And Skins


This bundle is related to the marine theme, namely the abyss of the ocean. On the background of the skins, we can see the coral, the reef, and the outline of the abyss.


The skins themselves are designed in blue, with some shades of pink. Also, each weapon has sharpened features that can resemble shark fins. This collection is somewhat reminiscent of the Neptune bundle. But it is modestly made, without as much detail as Neptune. And will suit those who do not like too fancy skins.



This bundle includes Phantom, Sheriff, Spectre, Guardian, and Caeruleus Melee. The price of each skin is 1275 VP. The melee price is 2550. The whole bundle price is 5100 VP. There are No Upgrades or Variants.


The bundle will appear in the VALORANT store on November 16, 2022. 

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