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Red Bull Home Ground 2022: Schedule, Format, Teams, Results & Streams

Red Bull Home Ground 2022: Schedule, Format, Teams, Results & Streams
Written by: ar1essss

In December 2022, the third Red Bull Home Ground series tournament in VALORANT history will occur. And the first to be held at LAN, Manchester, December 9-11. Eight teams from EMEA and the Americas will fight for the trophy and the cash prize. Many VALORANT fans remember the tournament because its format is quite unusual. Matches initially adjusted to the format of bo5, but if the team wins their two home ground maps, it automatically becomes the winner of the entire series.





  • Each team picks their strongest map pick as their home ground.
    • The home grounds are played first.
  • If a team wins both home grounds, they instantly win the BO5





eu Flag Team Liquid (soulcas, Jamppi, Redgar, nAts, Sayf)

eu Flag Team Vitality (MOLSI, ceNder, BONECOLD, Destrian, Twisten)

eu Flag FOKUS (YaBoiLewis, JUGi, Lime, KPZET, purp0)

us Flag 100 Thieves (Asuna, Derek, stellar, bang, Cryocellis)

ag Flag KRU Esports (Klaus, NagZ, xand, Daveeys, axeddy)
eu Flag Team Heretics (Boo, Zeek, mixwell, keloqz, AvoVa)

tr Flag FUT Esports (mojj, qRaxs, qw1, MrFaliN, ATA KAPTAN)

us Flag Cloud9 (yay, Xeppaa, leaf, vanity, Zellsis, qpert)



Groups And Standings


Group A (W/L)


Team Vitality
KRU Esports


Group B (W/L)


Team Heretics
FUT Esports
100 Thieves
Team Liquid



Broadcast Talent




  • Yinsu Collins




  • Tom "Tombizz" Bissmire
  • Mitch "MitchMan" McBride




  • Ryan "RyanCentral" Horton
  • Beatriz "kaquka" Alonso
  • Adam "Dinko" Hawthorne




  • Luke "xilv" Davis
  • Harrison "Hariboe" Barber-Scargill





The official broadcast will take place on the Red Bull channel on Twitch and YouTube. There will also be a broadcast in other languages like Turkish, French and German. There will also be a series of community casts from well-known VALORANT personalities, commentators, analysts, players, coaches, etc.




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