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100 Thieves Sweep Cloud9 To Win Red Bull Home Ground

100 Thieves Sweep Cloud9 To Win Red Bull Home Ground
Image Credit: Red Bull
Written by: ar1essss

One of the last significant events of 2022 in the VALORANT world, Red Bull Home Ground #3, has ended. Eight teams from around the world competed for first place and $50,000.


These teams were divided into two groups of four each. Each team played one bo3 match against each. The first-place team would advance directly to the semifinals, while the second and third-place teams would move to the quarterfinals. After the group stage, FUT Esports and FOKUS left the tournament.


The playoffs of this tournament were unique in their own way. All matches ended with the lowest possible score. The quarterfinals and semifinals were 2-0, and the finals were 3-0.

In 1/4 Team Vitaltiy defeated Team Heretics, and KRU Esports defeated Team Liquid. Teams from North America dominated the semifinals: 100 Thieves crushed Team Vitality, and Cloud9 defeated a team from South America.


In the off-season, 100 Thieves made only one change in their roster, they picked up Cryocellis, and parted ways with Will. Cloud9 released mitch and curry, signed Zellsis from Version 1, and yay from OpTic Gaming, who didn't make a partnership in the Americas.


The match was bright at moments, although you can't tell that from the score. After an even first half on Bind, 100 Thieves took the initiative and beat their opponent on the first map, 13-10.

The same scenario repeated itself on Fracture. After the first half, 6-6, Cloud9 took only three rounds, while the 100 Thieves took seven. The third card, Breeze, was only a formality. The team led by Mikes defeated their opponent 13-3 and took the trophy.


100thieves cloud9


The Red Bull Home Ground final standings are:


1st place - 100 Thieves - $50,000
2nd place - Cloud9 - $20,000
3rd-4th place - Team Vitality  - $10,000
3rd-4th place - KRU Esports - $10,000

5th-6th place - Team Liquid - $3,000
5th-6th place - Team Heretics - $3,000

7th-8th place - FUT Esports - $2,000
7th-8th place - FOKUS - $2,000

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