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Five Things, Which We're Waiting For In Valorant 2023

Five Things, Which We're Waiting For In Valorant 2023
Image Credit: Riot Games
Written by: ar1essss

2022 was a fairly successful year for Valorant. Three new agents were added, one map, dozens of cool skin sets, and exciting content. Various mechanics, maps, and agents were also changed and added.


But things are waiting for millions of VALORANT fans from all over the world. That's what we're going to talk about today.



Pistol Deathmatch


Most VALORANT players are former CS:GO users who are used to playing Deathmatch mode. There are DM varieties: default DM, HS DM, Pistol DM, and MultiMode DM. This variation helps players in combat to practice different weapons and shooting techniques.


Viper Reaver


In VALORANT, unfortunately, there is no such variety. Your time is limited to 9 minutes or up to 40 kills. In CS:GO you can play for hours and make 1000 kills.


But we're talking about something else now. Many players are asking to add one more mode for Deathmatch - pistol. Pistols play an essential role in VALORANT, from Classic to Sheriff. They are all quite strong and can be helpful in any round. But, they are hard to train in Deathmatch when you are up against all players with Vandal or Phantom.


That's why we need a separate Deathmatch, where only Pistols will be possible, and we should be able to train them usually. This would also give a breath of freshness to the game.

In general, it is worth diversifying Deathmatch and making it longer to allow players to warm up continuously and not waste time running another session.



Retake Mode


Another mode many former CS:GO players are waiting for is Retake. It is a mode that generates situations with a set Spike, a certain number of players in both teams. While in CS:GO, players are given different grenades, in VALORANT you can give different abilities.


It's also a fairly popular mode you can train on, either by yourself or with a team. If you get together in a threesome or foursome, you can practice retake one of them in combat. And it's effective and will help you in official matches or competitive mode.


In VALORANT this mode can be implemented differently than in CS:GO. For example, you can make some basic compositions from the agents. For example, one duelist, a smoker, a controller, and a flasher. Or allow players to choose their own agents, which could cause chaos in the game when three duelists or no smokers are chosen.



Pick/Ban Map


The next thing applies more to the competition mode. Since VALORANT already has eight maps, I would like to see the ability to select/remove maps during the search. Even since the beta version, you can't choose which map you personally want in VALORANT. It's chosen randomly, which only suits a few players. Again going back to the fact that many players came from CS:GO, you can select/select cards there. And in PUBG, R6 and other shooters too. VALORANT still needs to.




There are two ways to do this: allow players to choose/remove the maps they want to play. Or make a pick/ban mode, like in Rainbow Six Siege, where teams vote for the map they don't want to play.


For example, Riot Games announced that seven maps would always be in the active pool. Each team has three bans, leaving one, the seventh card. That's what they're going to play. Sounds logical and exciting enough. We look forward to seeing this in the game as early as next year.



Role Queue


Another thing that has a place in Ranked Mode is the Role Queue. Riot Games tries to clarify which agent is responsible for which role. Brimstone, Omen, and Astra are smokers; Cypher and Killjoy are Sentinels. And so on. So, why not make a Role Queue Mode where players choose which role they want to play. Like, for example, in Dota 2. Yes, there's still a chance of a player setting the role "Sentinels" and taking Reyna or Jett himself. 


jett agent tier.large_49w8Fm9


But still - it's a very cool idea that many players will like. Yes, it might not be practical for low-ranked players, but VALORANT fans from Diamond to Radiant should like it. With the progression with which the agent pool is expanding, Role Queue could be coming very soon.



Demo Mode


Here we get to the dessert of tonight's dinner, Demos. Again remembering CS:GO, there is a function to record and view absolutely any match, whether it's ranked or an official match. You can watch a match for every player, with their POV, how they move, how they use their abilities, where they keep their aim, etc. There's no such thing in VALORANT yet, and everyone is waiting for demos. 


All these two years, the players and coach have to record either a pracc or an official match through third-party programs such as OBS to review the match, find mistakes, and fix something. But they still can't watch the exact match from the opponent's side, while in CS:GO there is such a possibility.


And adding Demos to VALORANT will make life easier for many players and make the game more interesting. Every pro player will be happy to see this feature in VALORANT in the near future.


And what kind of things do you want to see in next year's VALORANT? Leave your ideas and thoughts below in the comments.

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