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All About The New Lotus Map In VALORANT

All About The New Lotus Map In VALORANT
Image Credit: Riot Games
Written by: ar1essss

Today, January 5, Riot Games presented the new cinematic dedicated to the new Episode in VALORANT. In this video, we saw several references related to the new map. Let's get acquainted with all the details before we see the full map version tomorrow, January 6.



City Of The Flowers


The first important mention of the new map appeared with the release of patch 5.09. On the range, you can hear a voice message from Harbor in which he mentions a certain "City of Flowers". This turned out to be true because in the trailer we saw part of this map where Astra and Harbor came in. And in this place, we saw many different plants, including flowers.



We know from several sources that the new map is on Omega Earth. You may be wondering, what is Omega? Well, here it is. The Omega Earth (also known as Mirror Earth or Earth 2) is an alternate version of Alpha Earth. Described as a world on the brink of total climate collapse, Omega VALORANT agents have been known to lead assaults on Alpha in an attempt to steal their radianite. Other organizations from Omega have also been able to contact their Alpha counterparts. By the way, the Pearl map is located exactly on Omega Earth.



Three Bomb Sites


From the Cinematic, it is worth assuming that the new map will have three bomb sites. So Lotus will be the second map after Haven, with three sites to plant the Spike. All other maps have only two plants: A and B. And on Haven and Lotus there are three: A, B, and C.



The map's full version will be available tomorrow, January 6, 2023. Riot Games, as always, gave access to many popular streamers and content creators, who, on their channels on Twitch or YouTube, will show all the details of the new map Lotus.

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