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VALORANT 6.0 PBE Patch Notes

VALORANT 6.0 PBE Patch Notes
Image Credit: Riot Games
Written by: ar1essss

As the New Year holidays draw to a close, Riot Games has already succeeded in delighting all VALORANT fans. On January 10, Episode 6 Act 1 will commence, bringing a host of new features to the game, including the highly anticipated Lotus map, an updated Split, and the Battle Pass. Don't miss out on the chance to preview these exciting updates by checking out the changes available for testing on the PBE server.


Gameplay Systems Updates


  • Reworked the way guns process Zoom inputs for ADS and Scopes when using Toggle Zoom.

    • There should now be fewer cases that can lead to Zoom disagreements between the Client and Server under adverse network conditions like packet loss and ping jitter. Additionally, Zoom Inputs when using Toggle Zoom can now be buffered earlier than before and multiple zoom level transitions can be buffered at once.



Map Updates


New Map: Lotus


  • Lotus is a new 3-site map that offers a lot of rotation options that need to be tested. Unlock the secrets behind the doors of these ancient ruins.




Check out this article to learn about all changes on Split coming with Patch 6.0.


  • A Main

    • First engagement area for Attackers has been widened and a small ledge added for mixups.

  • A Main Box

    • Boost box next to the orb has been reduced to give Attackers a new position looking into A site.

  • A Rafters:

    • The under-over area has been removed, making this much easier to deal with as an Attacker.

  • A Tower:

    • The back section of the Tower has been flattened to make the fight to Ramps easier for both teams.

  • Mid Bottom:

    • Players can now silently drop down Mid platform.

    • The trick-jump up onto Mid box has also been removed for simplicity.

  • B Tower:

    • Defender side jump up box has been removed to simplify the space.

  • B Rope Pocket:

    • The hard corner here has been smoothed out to make clearing the spot easier.


Map Rotation


  • Please note that Breeze and Bind have now been removed from competitive and Unrated map rotation, but are still playable in all other modes.


Omen’s Dark Cover (E)


  • Dark Cover placed inside walls will now fall to the height of nearby ground.
  • One-way smokes are a part of VALORANT, but they are difficult to play against and we want to keep them limited to intentional and understandable areas. We'll be keeping a close eye on how this impacts Omen's power levels.





  • Variant Favorites are here
  • On release, your existing favorite weapon skins will now have all unlocked variants favorited to maintain consistency with current behavior.



Bug Fixes




  • Fixed a bug where Cypher’s Trapwire (C) could be placed through Sage’s Barrier Orb (C).

  • Fixed objects like traps that were not being damaged if they are placed in molotov patches that are already active.

  • Fixed bug where you could see Skye’s Seekers (X) on the minimap while they were still invisible if you had line of sight to their hidden location.

  • Fixed a bug where suppression would not properly interrupt Fade’s Prowler (C) control.

  • Fixed a bug where Viper was able to deactivate her ultimate, Viper’s Pit (X), while suppressed.

  • Various gameplay damage interactions fixed:

    • Killjoy’s Lockdown (X) now properly takes damage from all abilities.

    • Fixed Skye’s Trailblazer (Q) dealing damage to enemy Skye’s Trailblazer (Q) and Sova’s Owl Drone (C).

    • Fixed Sova’s Hunter’s Fury (X) and Breach’s Aftershock (C) not damaging Raze’s Blast Pack (Q).

    • Fixed Phoenix’s Blaze (C) not dealing damage to Harbor’s Cove (Q), Raze’s Blast Pack (Q), Reyna’s Leer (C), Sova’s Recon Bolt (E), and KAY/O’s ZERO/POINT (E).

    • Fixed Brimstone’s Orbital Strike (X) not dealing damage to Harbor’s Cove (Q).

    • Fixed Breach’s Aftershock (C), Raze’s Showstopper (X) and Paint Shells (E), damaging allied Killjoy’s Nanoswarm (C).

    • Fixed Sova Hunter’s Fury (X) damaging allied Fade’s Haunt (E).

    • Fixed Killjoy’s Nanoswarm (C), Phoenix’s Hot Hands (E) and Blaze (C) not dealing damage to Chamber’s Rendezvous (E) and Trademark (C).

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