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New VALORANT Ranked System

New VALORANT Ranked System
Written by: Weeii

As VALORANT’s newest update arrives (patch 6.0) it is delivering many new things to the game. More specifically, some Ranked changes that many of us have been waiting to see in-game.





Aside from the typical ranked reset we get at the start of each new episode, “EvrMoan” a VALORANT Senior Competitive Designer has stated one of the most awaited changes to the ranked system. 

In older patches, there were 3 factors that took into account before determining how much RR you would win or lose in a game. Those 3 Factors are: 


  • Your Performance
  • Round Differential
  • Game Result: Win Or Loss


The main change here comes from removing one of these factors we mentioned previously. You will no longer be punished for the rounds differential, but more for your performance and overall game result 


Remember that the most important factor in determining how much RR you might gain or lose is the win or lose, secondly after that comes your performance.

Why Is This Important?


Now that round differential is out of the equation, your RR gains and losses will become much more consistent. Which is quite good, think about it this way, you will no longer win 13 RR and lose 21 RR the next game because of round differential. 


This will add balance to your games, making it seemingly easier to rank up or maintain a certain rank if you’re going on a traffic light career (green/red/green/red)

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