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Valorant Chief Explains Reasons Behind Controversial VCT LOCK//IN Format

Valorant Chief Explains Reasons Behind Controversial VCT LOCK//IN Format
Written by: Mohsin

The Valorant community showed its disappointment together at Riot Games and Leo Faria, the Global Head of Valorant Esports. This happened when the Valorant Champions Tour LOCK//IN tournament format was announced on the 17th of January.


The game’s chief went on The Wisemen podcast to take questions from Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau, Sean Gares, Spencer ‘Hiko’ Martin, and Joshua ‘steel’ Nissan about the format of the tournament.



There were questions for Faria regarding the format and what went into Riot’s decision to make the 32-team tournament a single-elimination bracket the whole way through. Aside from time constraints, Faria replied that the decision was made due to the number of match days and how much the tournament would interfere with the rest of the competitive season.


Faria stated, “We also don’t want and don’t like super long days. We can add more matches without adding more days, but that means adding a 12, 14-hour broadcast which is pretty brutal for viewers,”



Valorant Head Comments On Vct Lock//In Format


Furthermore, Faria stated that several other formats were considered. However, ultimately the single-elimination format becomes the best option for Riot. Hiko then asked if multi-streaming was considered (similar to CS:GO majors), which is when multiple matches are broadcast on different streams at the same time.


As a response to this, Faria stated that he is not a fan of multi-streams and does not like them in general.


He stated,


“Sports are all about personalities. People tune in because they like the pros because they like the teams because they have an affinity and fandom for an individual. It’s all about the storylines and the rivalries and who’s on top and who’s not. When you have multi-streams, you’re forcing viewers to choose to watch Match A or Match B, and if there’s something really nice happening on Matchup A and you’re watching Matchup B, you’re simply not following that storyline so we can’t develop fandom.”



Faria was also asked by Gares about the gap in the tournament’s schedule between groups. One group will have the opportunity to see another play before their matches start, and the Valorant head admitted that the break is the weakest part of the format.


Faria ended up answering every question that was thrown his way about the VCT LOCK//IN event and how it came into existence. The event will begin on the 12th of February as the 32 teams fight against each other for the top prize to give their region an extra slot at Masters 2023.

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