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Squirtle Squad Forced To Change Their Name

Squirtle Squad Forced To Change Their Name
Written by: Weeii

The legendary free agent VALORANT team “Squirtle Squad” faces an issue with Nintendo as they own the trademark to the team’s name. 


Therefore, they are forced to change their name for their upcoming North American Challenger League. 




Governor tweeted on the 26th of January that Riot Games asked them to change their team name going into the next North American Challenger League as Nintendo owns copyrights to the name. 


Alternatively, he asked his fans to suggest new names for the team, many in the comment sections have suggested the name “Moist Esports” which is the organization that Ludwig recently joined as a Co-Owner. 


While Ludwig hinted at signing a VALORANT team, he never confirmed it, and going into the VALORANT scene is tough, especially for the Esports organizations. 


So will it happen? Will the talented teenagers that created the Squirtle Squad or “TBD” team get signed? Or even better by Ludwig’s organization? Only time will tell. 

“Apparently it’s a cracked group of teenagers that formed a Valorant squad because no tier 1 or tier 2 teams signed them. They were just good enough by their raw talent as cracked Valorant teenagers that they got into the Challengers League, which is a pretty difficult thing to do in NA. Only 12 teams did that and they’re one of them.”

Ludwig said.

“Anyone in the world could have done it and they’re one of those who did it. I do think it’s kind of interesting, but Valorant is tough.”

We are now aware that Ludwig noticed Squirtle Squad and was actually impressed by their achievements so far. However, he is still accounting for the risk attached to entering the VALORANT esports scene as it’s very difficult to generate money if your team doesn’t win. 


The upcoming league offers only 2 spots for the ascension league making it very hard for anyone to guarantee a spot in, which means higher risk for any money investments. 

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