Ludwig Admits That Squirtle Squad Is Interesting

Ludwig Admits That Squirtle Squad Is Interesting
Written by: Weeii

One of the biggest streamers Ludwig and Co-Owner of Moist Esports actively stated that the team “Squirtle Squad” is interesting but also mentioned his concerns about the VALORANT esports scene. 


In one of Ludwig’s recent streams, he acknowledged the flooding amount of messages asking him to sign Squirtle Squad. Which is one of the six teams that made it into the Americas Challenger League through the qualifiers. 


Squirtle Squad formed as a free agent team then participated in the LCQ and they demonstrated an amazing performance, for an unsigned team to make it that far in the league is quite an achievement. 


Next, they’re on the verge of a new great challenge that will allow them to dive into the Ascension League if they win it again. 

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