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Interview With Lethal Gaming Gear's CEO & COO

Interview With Lethal Gaming Gear's CEO & COO
Written by: Yoann

Can you please introduce yourselves?


Hi, I'm Dylan “Lethal” Hessman, and I am the Founder and CEO of LGG.


Hi, I'm Cameron “SEEBEE” Barry, the COO of LGG.

How would you introduce your company in one sentence?


High-quality gaming products, fair prices, top-tier customer service.



When and how was Lethal Gaming Gear founded, where did they founding idea come from?


Dylan - I founded Lethal Gaming Gear in July 2019. I've always been an audiophile, and once I found out you could build your own mechanical keyboard, it was game over. From there I got into mouse mods and gaming surfaces. We started off just doing drops on the weekends for our paracord cables because we couldn't keep up with constant orders. Things just took off from there. As far as the name goes, my in-game name has always been “Lethal”, and we sell gaming gear, hence Lethal Gaming Gear.

What's your goal with LGG?


Cameron - Our goal for this year is expansion of our product line. We have our own mouse, the LA-1 that we are looking forward to releasing in Q2’23, as well as new mousepads and collaborations.



What are the biggest challenges you have encountered when building an ecommerce gaming store like LGG?


Dylan - Since the beginning, the biggest challenge has always been logistics. I started the company pre-COVID, and things really started to take off in late 2020. Anybody and everybody felt the effects of covid on store shelves, it was no different getting materials for mouse pads and cables and piecing everything together.


Cameron - Second to that, I would say its quality control. Dylan is definitely a perfectionist, especially when it comes to his products. I come from a project management background, so with the two of us working together we tend to be extremely picky with our vendors and really make sure everything is seamless before the product gets to market.


What things make your mousepads stand out from the competition?


Cameron - Our mousepads stand out because of a few factors: One being styling. People love our pro pads because they are simple - Red or Black - and they perform how you would expect a premium mousepad to perform.


Dylan - We also ship all of our pro pads flat-packed, so it's ready to use the second you open the box. That way you're not spending the first few hours trying to flatten out your new pad.



Which is the product category that sells the most on your website?


Cameron - Our mouse skates. But that's likely due to how many different kinds we have. Our quickest selling product is our own LGG Saturn Pro mousepad. Depending on how many we receive in a shipment, they will last anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks.



From the products you sell on LGG, which product or products do you think have the biggest impact on the quality life of a gamer?


Dylan - I think it depends on who you ask. Some gamers want aesthetics, some gamers prefer function over form. I'm part of the latter, so I think a mouse surface is very important to honing your aim and being able to perform at a high level.



Dylan, what are the main responsibilities as the CEO of Lethal Gaming Gear?


My day-to-day life varies, but typically working with vendors, taking orders, working on new products. I do it all, but that's also why I hired Cameron. He’s a long time friend of mine, so I trust in his ability to take a lot of these things off of my plate so I can really focus on bringing new and exciting products to our customers.




Cameron, what are the main responsibilities as the COO of Lethal Gaming Gear?


Honestly, anything Dylan asks of me. I came on board to lessen his load to allow him to refocus his time and energy on things that are important to him. As of now, I manage social media (except Twitter, that's Dylans), taking over the vendor side of things, as well as working with other companies to help expand our reach to as many gamers as possible. I also do the videography and photography for the website and youtube, as well as occasionally host some streams over at!

Are any of you playing CS-GO, Valorant or any Esports games in your free time?


Cameron - Yeah, we definitely game it out. We (Dylan, myself, and our other mutual friends) have all been playing games together since the early days of CoD4. We used to compete together as well, we competed in both MLG Dallas and MLG Raleigh for CoD Black Ops. These days, I switch it up between Valorant (Ascendent 3 Peak for those interested), Tarkov and Warzone and usually whatever else is new. Dylan is usually on Warzone or World of Warcraft.



What gear are you mainly using on your own computers?


Cameron - All of our employees are currently testing our LA-1 mouse.

Dylan - As for mousepads, we are both currently testing the new Saturn Pro XXL pads.

lethal big pads



What are your short and long-term ambitions with Lethal Gaming Gear?


Cameron - Short term would be to release our mouse, maybe start working on another. We would also like to start developing a new kind of product. Nothing in the works yet, but we have some ideas. You'll have to wait and see.


Dylan - Long term is to keep growing. We want to continue to be a trusted source for gaming products and we want to maintain that small company feel, regardless of how far we've come.


Is there anything else you would like to mention?


If you haven't already, give us a follow on Twitter @lethalgaminggr - All announcements will end up there first, so that's the fastest way to find out what's new with us. Otherwise you can check out our Linktree for links to all of our other social channels.

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