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VCT LOCK//IN Grand Final Match

VCT LOCK//IN Grand Final Match
Written by: Weeii

VCT LOCK//IN Sao Paul Is All Fired Up, The Ultimate Grand Final Matchup


After a long-fought series, FNATIC the EMEA Giant has finally advanced to the GRAND FINALS of VCT LOCK//IN. 


After defeating Sentinels and NAVI, FNATIC’s grand final match will now take place against LOUD on the 4th March @ 12 AM ET. 

Not only is this a special match up as it will decide the winner between those two Giants, it will also completely reveal everything about Gekko. His gameplay, abilities, and a lot more. 

How To Watch

Make sure you head up to to watch the match at the planned time and date. 



Going into this match LOUD is favored of winning. Not only are they playing on their hometown (Brazil) but they have also showed an astonishing performance on the league. 


Especially after defeating DRX which is known to be one of the most strategic teams VALORANT have ever seen, LOUD are looking on good shape. 


The question remains, will LOUD be able to lift the trophy twice on the row to create the most historical moment in VALORANT Esports? Or will FNATIC finally get crowned and take it home for EMEA. 

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