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Kyedae Isn't Happy About Winning Streamers Award

Kyedae Isn't Happy About Winning Streamers Award
Written by: Weeii



Kyedae’s unexpected reaction to winning the streamers award was “dreaded” 


The best streamers award took place rewarding many different streamers in various categories. One of those categories was for the Top VALORANT Streamer. Which, the final 4 candidates were ShahZam, tarik, Kyedae, and Jodi. 


It goes without saying that everyone would expect tarik to win. He has a lot more fame and fans, his numbers and fans will crush anyone else on the list. So on paper, tarik was expected to win the award. 


However, this isn’t about any of that. It is all purely fan-voted. In each of the stages, fans were allowed to vote for their favorite creator until the finals where they crown a winner. 




Kyedae has rightfully won the VALORANT streamer award, but here’s the unexpected. She didn’t seem happy about it at all. In fact, she said she felt so dreaded rather than happy or proud. 




As much as we would love to see her win, it is inevitable that Kyedae is going to get a lot of backlash and hate all because she overpassed other creators. Those creators will have “angry fans” that will start talking down the winner. 


Although, it was purely based on fan votes. 




Tarik has responded to her saying that he truly feels sorry for what she has to go through and that she genuinely deserves the award.

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