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Is CS2 Marking The Beginning Of The End For Valorant?

Is CS2 Marking The Beginning Of The End For Valorant?
Written by: Weeii

Many are concerned about Valorant’s future as Counter Strike 2’s arrival is on the door, will CS2 overtake Valorant? 

Is Valorant Dying?




Almost everyone heard about the shocking news of Counter Strike 2 Limited Beta Test. While many might argue that it’s just an update to the old CSGO version, we still don’t know as it has been stated that these are just minor changes compared to what the game will have to offer once it’s fully released. 


With that, comes the question, is CSGO 2 going to overtake Valorant and potentially harm its future of becoming a mainstream esports game? 


The short answer is: No, it won’t. While Valorant and CSGO are both Competitive Tactical First Person Shooters (TAC) they still have a lot of key differences. The mechanics, utility, gunplay, and much more take place to differentiate between those 2 games. But what do professionals have to say about this? 



Teams and professional players have been teasing that Valorant will not last anymore due to their release, but in reality, it’s just talking as Valorant has already established its place as an outstanding esports game. 

Dr Disrespect Comments


Yes, you read it right. The news exploded far that even, the famous Dr Disrespect commented on the situation with what he thinks. 


In his statement he has supported that the differences between the two games is still big enough to not mark an affect on either of them and have each building their own audience. 


“If I was Valorant, I’d be ok, we don’t have to be too concerned” 


He later on added, 


“Like, CSGO could have gone super crazy and tried to do something with the smokes. Is that just one little feature they’re teasing?” 


Which elaborates on the lack of innovation for a game that is 12 years old. It seemed more of an update than an entirely new game, so far. 


He eventually said: 


“It will be interesting to see how it affects the pro scene. That might be fun to watch” 


The only clear way of concluding the results of CS2’s arrival is to wait for it to fully release and see how things go from there. 

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