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Acend take revenge on SuperMassive Blaze - VCT Masters: Berlin DAY 1 Recap

Acend take revenge on SuperMassive Blaze - VCT Masters: Berlin DAY 1 Recap
Image Credit: valesports_eu
Written by: ar1essss

The long-awaited VALORANT Champions Tour 2021: Stage 3 Masters - Berlin has begun, the first day of which has recently come to an end. Three matches took place today, which gave a lot of emotions to the VALORANT fans.


SuperMassive Blaze vs. Acend


Remake of the final of the upper bracket of the EMEA stage, in which Acend lost to SuperMassive Blaze 1:2. They definitely wanted to take revenge in today's match, and they succeeded. Acend had a confident start on Bind, where they won the first five rounds. SuperMassive Blaze managed to win only two rounds on defense, and lost the first half 2:10. Despite the fact that they managed to win the pistol round, Acend won the first 'buy-round' and finished the first map in their favor 13:5.



The start of the second map was similar to the first one; Acend won the first five rounds. But at their peak, SuperMassive Blaze showed character and were able to win seven rounds in a row, winning the first half 7:5. But on defense side as on Bind, SuperMassive Blaze took only two rounds, while Acend took advantage of the bad play of the opponent and won the second map 13:9.


G2 Esports vs. F4Q


On the first map of the confrontation between G2 Sports and F4Q, we could only see the European team. G2 Sports beat their rivals without any problems with a score of 13:5. F4Q woke up on the second map, Bind, where they won the first half 8:4. G2 Esports tried to close the gap, but their attack was unconvincing, and was easily countered by an opponent's defense on Bind. F4Q won the second map 13:9, and we wait for the third map, Haven.


There the teams showed an even game, up to the moment when mixwell won the  1v3 clutch with the score 5:5, which allowed G2 to win the first half 7:5.


F4Q tried to close the gap, but ace-clutch by nukkye shocked them, and they could no longer come to their senses. G2 won this match 2:1.


100 Thieves vs. Havan Liberty


The final match of the day was played by 100 Thieves and Havan Liberty. The representative of North America easily and without problems beat the Brazilians 2: 0 (13:3; 13:6).



This is how the first game day ended, tomorrow we will have three more exciting matches, stay with us.

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