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Marved Is Waiting To Face Off Against NRG

Marved Is Waiting To Face Off Against NRG
Written by: Weeii



SEN Marved starts flames ahead of the NRG vs Sentinels match. 


Marved has recently joined Sentinels as a 6th man, meaning he is playing for a substitute position and isn’t likely to play in many of the upcoming matches. That being said, he is fully capable of playing at a high level and he’s proved himself to be one of the best controllers in the game. 


NRG adopted the core of 3 OPTiC players as they let go of the roster, those players being FNS, Victor, and crashies. After that separation, many “banter” jokes were made by Marved as those three “left him”. As far as we all know it’s all jokes and nothing serious. 




In one of his recent tweets, he said that he wants NRG next week as in to face them off, which creates some rivalry between the two teams and can lead to a more exciting match. 


That started a strike of replies on and forth, which FNS stated that he “created” Marved with OPTiC’s run and made him the player he is now. From there Marved replied saying that it’s him who saved him indeed. 


Now that creates the question, of whether or not Marved will play in the Sentinels roster when they face off against NRG next week. 


Their match (SEN Vs NRG) is scheduled to be played on the 9th Of April. It would be interesting to see, if Marved is going to take on the big stage to play against his former teammates. 


Note: This could be all sarcastic and just friendly banter, so don’t take anything seriously. 

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