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Sentinels Player Is Hated For No Reason

Sentinels Player Is Hated For No Reason
Written by: Weeii

Marved Believes That dephh Is Overly Hated For No Reason


During one of the streams where Marved was hosting a VCT Americas watch party, the chat asked him how he feels about “dephh” as an IGL after playing with him. For those who don’t know, the community has taken a side against dephh since Sentinel’s loss to FNATIC in VCT LOCK//IN. And with Sentinel’s shaky showing as they lost to NRG and LOUD, the fans started criticising dephh for his IGLing skills which turned out to become very excessive. 



That being said, Marved played for Sentinels 2 matches so far tasting a sour 0-2 loss to LOUD and a 2-0 victory over MIBR in the VCT Americas League. His response was backing up dephh and defending him for his solid IGLing skills saying:


 “I swear to God he’s a good IGL”


“I think dephh is overly hated for no reason. He’s a good IGL, a good teammate. He doesn’t yell. He calls every round, every round he makes a call.”


The community’s reaction became excessive after Sentinel’s loss to both NRG and Leviathan in the league, as everybody focused on the statistics pointing out that dephh has always been at the bottom of the leaderboard. But it doesn’t stop there as even their star player TenZ received a lot of backlash for not performing up to the expectations.

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