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Valorant Pro Player Gets Permanently Banned From VCT

Valorant Pro Player Gets Permanently Banned From VCT
Written by: Weeii

Valorant Player Gets Permanently Banned

Lithuanian Valorant professional player “krea6on” has been permanently suspended from playing in the Valorant East: United and Valorant Challengers East: Surge leagues after clips of him being extremely toxic came to light.




The reason behind the extreme punishment he received is for two reasons, one being that it’s his second competitive ban and two that his comments were very severe as he made sexist comments and made fun of disabled people. 


This happened during an encounter in a ranked game, it doesn’t stop there as it seems he’s gained a reputation of being overly toxic to many other players that - now have come to light as well.  



Getting permanently suspended from this tier of play is a big deal, as it’s the highest tier in the region and this will likely end his career in VALORANT. This isn’t the first time, which justifies the harsh permanent suspension he received. The community has longed to see this moment as he’s made many people upset with his comments and constant toxicity, which now has finally came to earn its consequences on the player. 

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