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The Brand New SEN Society And Everything You Need To Know About It

The Brand New SEN Society And Everything You Need To Know About It
Written by: Weeii

Sentinels Launch Their New Exclusive Fanclub



It goes without saying that the North American team Sentinels have one of the biggest followings in the VALORANT Esports scene. They recently came up with a huge announcement regarding the launch of the brand-new SEN Society which is an exclusive fan club that’ll give the fans access to so many exclusive perks that you wouldn’t get otherwise. 

Fans in the program will have access to professional players signed to Sentinels through meet-and-greet opportunities, live QNA and a chance to be featured in their content. Which will be posted on a weekly basis.


The price of the membership will be $5, it also features a membership card that you can show off to gain access to the meets, discounts on merchandise, and possibly many more perks that are yet to come. 


For now, Sentinels have already uploaded exclusive content to the membership website for the fans. 


While it may seem new, this idea has been actually done by almost every other big organization such as Team Liquid, FNATIC and Cloud 9. So while Sentinels are late to the train, they might just deliver the strongest blow considering their powerful and huge following.

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