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Riot Confirms Release Date For The New Team Deathmatch Mode & More

Riot Confirms Release Date For The New Team Deathmatch Mode & More
Written by: Weeii

Riot Confirms Release Date For The Upcoming Team Deathmatch Mode


Team Deathmatch has always been a classical game mode in every FPS game. While VALORANT entered the tactical FPS category 2 years ago, we only had a grip of the normal Deathmatch mode which arguably still has a lot of work to be done. 



However, in the latest Dev Diares Riot published additional information about this gamemode such as the release date, which is set to be right at the start of Episode 7


Keeping in mind the current cycle, in which this episode will end on June 26th meaning Episode 7 is likely expected to kick off on June 27th.


Additionally, this new Team Deathmatch mode is set to have its own unique maps, so you will be in for a completely new experience than your regular VALORANT. 

What Else?


It doesn’t stop there, as Riot also shared details regarding what is yet to come in the year 2023 for VALORANT which includes the introduction to 2 new agents, one being a sentinel and the other a duelist.


They also talked about a feature that might the biggest qualify of life update for the game as they will update the way level progression works to reward players, you will be able to unlock previous battle pass accessories accordingly, making the dream possible to re-obtain the famous Ruin Dagger or any other accessory.

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