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Everything About The New VALORANT Progression System

Everything About The New VALORANT Progression System
Written by: Weeii

Everything You Need To Know About VALORANT’s New Progression System


With the launch of Episode 7 Act 1, we will receive a huge update that will drastically change the way VALORANT progression works. This all comes with the inclusion of the very new Accessory store, which you will be able to use to buy items of previous battle passes such as sprays, buddies, or titles. 



Beginning July 27th this update will take effect, so if you have any uncompleted agent contracts, you might want to head it on now. But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you will not be able to unlock any new agents, in fact, it will be easier to do with the introduction of the new Agent Event Recruitment. 


What makes all of this possible is the new in-game (free) currency named Kingdom Points. You will be rewarded with it by doing daily quests. Note that it’s a free currency, which inevitably means you will not be able to buy any premium skins or cosmetics. 


This update will allow for much more freedom as you will be able to use Kingdom points to instantly unlock an agent or a certain reward from their contract, as well as help you never forget to activate a said agent’s contract as it will be turned on by default through the recruitment event tab. 

The Downside


Many of you heard about the possibility of obtaining old battle pass skins such as the famous Ruin Dagger, that turns out to be not true as you will strictly be allowed to get cosmetics and not skins. While Ruin Dagger owners may be safe, the wish for getting it arises once again. 

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