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Disguised Toast Release VALORANT Roster

Disguised Toast Release VALORANT Roster
Written by: Weeii

Disguised Toast Release VALORANT Roster 


Jeremy “Disguised Toast” has made the decision to release the VALORANT roster following the harsh loss and elimination from the VCT NA Circuit. 

This may not be a shocking announcement as many of us saw it coming after the recent performances and the fact that they will have nothing to do for the remainder of the season. Although the question remains, will Disguised Toast continue in the VALORANT Esports Scene? 


As far as we know, Disguised will be re-evaluating their options with uncertainty about what will happen in the future. 




Even though Disguised’s loss was harsh as they had high expectations, especially with the signing of yay, it still has been a great and refreshing journey to see Jeremy’s take on the scene. Seen to be one of the kindest CEO’s, he made a refreshing impact on anyone playing and we all feel grateful for his efforts to try and help the VALORANT Esports scene going on. 


He initially signed a promising roster of young talent and a great lead in January, in which things took off to a great start by them winning the first open qualifier without losing a single time. 


Although they had an amazing kickoff, things took turn rather quickly when they placed 8th in the first Split and couldn’t secure a single win the Mid Season, which resulted their elimination. 

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