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Everything About The New Team Deathmatch Revealed

Everything About The New Team Deathmatch Revealed
Written by: Weeii

Everything About The New Team Deathmatch Mode


Riot has just officially announced the all-new Team Deathmatch Mode that is going to kick in right at the start of Episode 7 (27th June) and here you will find everything you need to know about this mode. 

Team Deathmatch is plain and simple, it’s no new concept as many shooters have adopted this into their games before. It’s a classic, a 5v5 ability-enabled deathmatch with special maps designed to fit the said gameplay.





Let’s start by taking a look at the awesome maps that Riot specifically designed for this game mode. That will be a total of 3 maps each featuring a different unique structure: 

Map 1 (District) 




Map 2 (Kasbah) 




Map 3 (Piazza)



Rules & Gameplay


Now you are definitely wondering, how would this play out in-game? Here are the set of rules that will shape your gameplay rocking this mode: 


  • First Team To 100 Kills Wins 
  • 4 Different Weapon Stages 
  • Orbs for various things, weapon spawners, ultimate, recovery, etc
  • Abilities refresh after every cooldown 
  • Respawn takes 1.5 Seconds 



The duration of the game mode will take a total of 9 minutes and 30 seconds. That is of course as we mentioned previously to be split into 4 different stages. 

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