Team Branded Skins Are Coming To VALORANT

Team Branded Skins Are Coming To VALORANT
Written by: Weeii

Team Branded Skins Are Coming To Valorant


The Valorant Esports Global Head (Leo Faria) stated in a recent interview regarding Mastercard extending its sponsorship into VALORANT that team-branded skins are coming to the game next year. 


While the interview centered on the continuation of the sponsorship, Leo mentioned how microtransactions will play out and that team-branded skins are set to come to the game next year. 


“Next year, we’re introducing for the first time team-branded skins in-game and all of that is monetized via microtransactions”        


 “It’s a big part of the business.”


Leo said.  


We don’t have much details as to how this will be implemented in-game but it more than likely will be limited to franchised teams. As Riot created these separate leagues for partnered teams (and Ascension as a way to become a partnered team) on which you can guess skins will be limited to those teams. 


It also means teams will probably have split profit such as the Champion Bundles or the VCT LOCK//IN Bundle that we have seen so recently. 

This change is supposed to take part in 2024 VALORANT, we have no idea which teams will be on the franchise by then and no way to tell what the skins are (gun, melee, etc) which leads us to only wait and hope for the best as we enter a new era of VALORANT.

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