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Riot Games Pays Tribute To Twisten In Game

Riot Games Pays Tribute To Twisten In Game
Written by: Weeii

Riot Games Pays Tribute To Twisten 


May he rest in peace, the professional player Twisten who passed away on the evening of June 6 is now a part of VALORANT as Riot added him as a player title. 


Effective June 27th, as a part of the Episode 7 Act 1’s Battelpass you will find the title “Twisten” as a free reward right after the first 5 tiers. 



This isn’t the first time we see this honorable act from Riot Games as they have also honored “Gizem” who was a female professional player that passed away in light of earth quake events in Turkey. 


Twisten, will forever be in our hearts and as a part of VALORANT for his kind contributions and positive impact on the community and fans. 

Community’s Tribute


While Riot set his tribute up in-game, the fans have also taken the matter into their own hand a while ago by starting the campaign to continue his charity of donating a set amount of money per shorty kill in a VCT Event. 


A total of $6,000 have been paid for this pledge by the community as a whole during VCT Tokyo. 


And now, you can continue to honor Twisten by simply obtaining the beautiful title on June 27th. 

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