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VALORANT Pro Faces Racism In VCT Tournament

VALORANT Pro Faces Racism In VCT Tournament
Written by: Weeii

VALORANT Pro Player Claims To Be Racially Abused At VCT Tournament


Swerl is a VALORANT Professional player who competes for Chinese side RNG. He claims to be racially abused at one of the VCT Tournaments that he played during the VCT Champions open qualifiers in China. He also reported that he brought this up to a tournament official for resolution and they reassured him that it is under investigation. 




“After Map 2 (Haven), a couple of players or managers called me houzi (monkey) in the bathroom. They were wearing ME shirts and in the following map continued to make monkey noises,” Swerl said in his tweet, that appears to be deleted now. 


We do not know why the tweet has been deleted, and as far as everybody is aware no official announcements were made regarding the situation yet. This is not to neglect Swerl’s experience as it is completely unacceptable for anyone to face any sort of discriminatory act. 


For more context, RNG lost 1-2 to Monarch Effect in a critical elimination match as their first match in the tournament. Although, his teammate “xiaonuo” confirmed the abuse Swerl recieved in a tweet that also got deleted.

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