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Riot Shuts Down Known Insta Lock App

Riot Shuts Down Known Insta Lock App
Written by: Weeii

Riot Games Shut Down Valorant Fastest Insta Locking App


The game developer Julian Dunskus, who created the app Recon Bolt for Valorant, has announced their project has been removed from the app store after a cease and desist was sent their way from Riot Games. 


Dunskus originally created the app as a way for Valorant players to track their stats and see changes in their ranks. However, over time, the application started adding more features such as the one to instalock agents before you load into the game. 


Yes, you this is the app responsible for some players being able to pick an agent before it even loads in for everyone else. Which is why, a portion of the community perceived this as happy news. 




“It’s hard to explain how disappointed I am that things have turned out this way, but Riot has shut down all attempts from my side to have a conversation about this and figure out a way forward together” He said.

For those who don’t know, this application had a rough time as when it first launched it had a feature allowed people to see hidden names which caused problems, it was later removed in cooperation with Riot. 


Although that doesn’t seem to help as Riot has finally made the move to force this app to take down. 

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