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Rumors Arise About Aspas Leaving & LOUD Saadhak Responds

Rumors Arise About Aspas Leaving & LOUD Saadhak Responds
Written by: Weeii

LOUD’s star player aspas may leave the team mid VCT season


There are rumors spreading around surrounding the famous Brazilian team LOUD and their well-known star player aspas. As some internal issues raised within the team, a reporter who goes by the name “Slasher” has revealed some really interesting information about the situation. 



The reporter revealed that aspas may not be playing with LOUD next champions. Even though this is happening mid season, it is in regard to internal issues that we will break down. This conclusion was made as Slasher confirmed LOUD was practicing scrims without aspas, who is an essential member of the team. 


Furthermore, in one of the press conferences after LOUD’s elimination from VCT Tokyo, Saadhak revealed that the team had been dealing with “outside of the server issues”, but he did not elaborate on that part. 


Aspas is widely known as one of the best players in the game, if not the absolute best in his prime. So this news comes off as a shock to almost everyone. Adding to that, the outside-of-server issues played a big factor in the team’s poor performance at VCT Tokyo. And since it is continuing, this may affect them even worse at VCT Champions which is a pretty important tournament and needs a different kind of preparation.


Sadhaak Responds


Sadhaak from LOUD stepped up to clear these rumors, stating the opposite to both what has been spread by the reporter and his own statement he made previously. 




"Our team has always been closed to the outside, we exist within our bubble and we leave everyone outside the team outside.

Incredible what people do to create clickbait without knowing anything, we are united and focused 100% for the Champions."

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